The Accidental Werewolf Owner’s Care Manual – Gay Alpha Male Shifter Erotic Romance

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  • Submit to the Werewolf’s Lust
  • Obey the Werewolf’s Lust
  • Devoured by the Werewolf’s Lust

Reclusive erotica writer Sven Svensson’s life is about to get a whole lot weirder after he takes in a stray mutt late one evening.

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Book 1: Submit To The Werewolf’s Lust

Rule 2: Give your werewolf salty treats…
Wolf waited for the telltale sound of Sven’s snoring — a sure sign that his human was deep asleep — before he shifted into his human form.

Tall with a trim muscular physique, the werewolf’s human-form was every bit as impressive as his canine-form. Covered in shadows, only his crystal blue eyes glowed in the darkness of the room.

He stood at the side of the bed and stared at the tent in the cotton sheet over Sven’s groin. Who knew the old boy had it in him. Wolf — whose real name was Zane — had been watching Sven for the past week and the guy masturbated more times a day than a horny teenager.

Silently Zane eased the fabric down Sven’s legs. He listened for any change in his human’s breathing patterns which indicated he was waking up.

Hello salty goodness! His view from the backyard did not do the real thing justice. Who knew his human was hiding a monster piece of meat inside his boxers!

Reclusive erotica writer Sven Svensson’s life is about to get a whole lot weirder after he takes in a stray mutt late one evening.
Is it just his imagination or is his new dog always checking out his package?

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Book 2: Obey The Werewolf’s Lust

Rule 8: Werewolves demand absolute obedience.
Chairs scraped across the linoleum behind them as several of the werewolf patrons stood up. They were surrounded on all sides. There was no way Zane, a lone werewolf, could take on an entire bar of wolves and protect Sven at the same time.

“Maybe we should just kill him right now. Dead men can’t talk.” someone growled from the back.

The crowd murmured in agreement.

“Wait!” shouted Zane. “Sven is under my control. He won’t reveal anything about us unless I allow it.”

There was a pause. The pack leader gazed down at Zane with a calculating look.

“If this human is your pet as you say then prove it.”

Zane’s face darkened. He turned towards Sven and his eyes silently willed him to understand what he was about to do.

“On your knees, boy,” Zane said.

Sven heard his blood pounding in his ears as he dropped to his knees in front of Zane. Zane grabbed a fistful of Sven’s hair and forced his head up.

“Let’s find a use for that mouth of yours,” he said.

Sven’s face heated. Zane wanted him to suck his dick right here in front of the entire wolf pack. His eyes darted sideways. There were at least fifty people in the bar. All eyes in the room were fixed on Sven, waiting to see what he would do.

Zane’s grip on Sven’s hair tightened. “That was an order. Get to work.” He then shoved Sven’s face into his crotch.

mm paranormal erotica werewolf mc bikers
Life as an erotica author and claimed mate of a werewolf is not just a fun romp in the sheets!

Sven Svensson could not believe his eyes. His latest smutty werewolf series was on the top 100 best-sellers list on Amazon!
His own real-life werewolf had given him plenty of inspiration over the last two months.

Sven radiated with the glow of the freshly loved under the care of his dominating wolf-mate. With Zane, he finally found the love that had been missing for so many years from his life.

Too bad Zane’s pack leader didn’t seem too impressed with his work. Sven had unknowingly committed the crime of revealing the werewolves’ true nature in his books.

Can Sven swallow his pride and prove his loyalty to the pack? Or will Sven Svensson’s tale end tonight in a biker bar filled with angry wolves?

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Book 3: Devoured By The Werewolf’s Lust

Zane’s large hands caressed the inside of Sven’s thighs, making the man sigh in bliss. The werewolf’s eyes ran over each angular dip of the body beneath his before fixating on his mate’s eyes.

“Whose are you?”

Sven knew what his mate wanted to hear, but part of him was still miffed about this morning and wanted to push Zane’s buttons. So he closed his eyes and let out a soft moan, refusing to give Zane an answer.

Sven panted harshly as he waited to see what Zane would do.

It was always so delicious to toy with him this way, thought Zane as he watched Sven’s thighs tremble. He waited until he was sure his mate was ready to explode before he reached down and fisted his hand around Sven’s hard flesh.

“Ah!” Sven jerked back in shock, straight into Zane’s stinging backhand.


“You are mine!”


“Mine to play with!”


“Mine to mark!”

Sven Svensson still has a lot to learn as the new human mate to an alpha werewolf.

Even if their love lasts through Zane’s attempts to dominate and discipline his mate over and over again, will their relationship survive a visit from Zane’s equally dominant and demanding werewolf brother, Kane?

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