An Heir for Two Alpha Werewolves – Alpha Billionaire Shifter BBW MMF Fertility Series

The series is completed!

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Henry and Rex von Kamp are both billionaires with a genetic ability to shift into werewolves under the full moon. They need a strong healthy mate to give them an heir. Will plump inexperienced Melissa be able to give each of them the baby they both desperately want?

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Blue Collar Studs And Working Men – Dirty Taboo Threesomes

Each story in this series is a standalone featuring hot sweaty men who know how to use their hands and aren’t afraid to get dirty!

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Book 1: Tipping the Moving Men

Soon another set of hands joined the ones on her breast and in her core as Alex released her arms to push down her shorts and massage the globes of her ass. Her hands quickly flew to work at the button of Jake’s jeans. Frustrated by her clumsy movements, Jake finally broke away from her mouth and withdrew his fingers to shove his jeans off.

With a rough shove, Alex pushed her towards partner who captured the tiny girl in his arms and pulled her down onto the bed with him.

“Fuck you’re tiny,” Jake swore as he pulled off her tank top and worked his legs between her legs parting her thighs and exposing her pink flesh to Alex’s view.

Alex licked his lips as he undressed, his eyes locked on her lower lips, red and plump with blood. He watched as a drop of her arousal dripped out of her center and dripped on to the bed as he knelt behind her. Belle straddled Jake, squirming as she rode the three thick fingers that were now buried deep inside her grasping channel and stroking the spongy spot on her front wall. Her breathy mewls told them she enjoyed their caresses and she lost count of which man was pulling at her nipples and which was circling her back hole, coating it with the juices that flowed from her folds.

She hissed at the burning sensation and tried to pull away as one thick finger penetrated her ass, the sensation foreign to the young girl. Alex stilled her movements with a firm hand on her hips, kneading her lower back and willing her to relax as he worked a second finger into her crevice.

“Shhh, relax and open up, it’ll only hurt if you fight it.”

She wanted so much to pull away and run, but Belle also wanted to prove that she could handle adult relationships on her own, that she could handle two mature men like the ones she had in her bed right now. God, it was like being pinned between two brick walls, their muscles thick and bulky from lifting heavy furniture all day.

Belle is just a normal freshman, getting ready to live on her own away from home for the first time. But before her first day on campus even starts this naive little rich girl have had two rough muscular grown men in her bed, taking their pleasure from her body from both sides.

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Book 2: Service My Motor, Mr. Mechanic

“Maybe we can work some other form of payment,” said Mike as rested each hand on the door of the car, pinning her in between his body and the car.

Dalia felt a shiver of fear and desire run through her body. They couldn’t possibly be suggesting *that* could they?

Dan made his brother’s intentions abundantly clear when his warm hands swept her hair off her shoulders and tugged the straps of her sundress down her arms.

“Oh, god,” moaned Dalia as Mike worked a leg in between her thighs and pressed up into her center, letting her ride and grind her clit against his thigh. He fisted his hand in her hair and held her in place as he captured her lips in a punishing kiss. His tongue invaded her mouth and Dalia let out a long groan as his tongue chased hers, dueling and stroking. Oh wow, this man could kiss. Dalia devoured his mouth like a starving woman and clawed at his overall covered chest. She couldn’t see what lay underneath, but she liked what she felt under her fingers. He was built like a brick wall and she was sure his brother was just as in-shape.

As Mike imprisoned her with his kiss, Dalia felt another set of hands at her breasts as Dan massaged and teased the full globes, lightly circling the areolas before pinching and tugging at her nipples. She broke away from Mike’s dominating lips and threw her head back as they rubbed her nipples. She barely had time to pull in a desperately needed breath of air before Dan took over his brother’s place and attached his lips to hers. She wrapped an arm around his neck and pulled his head down towards her own, deepening the kiss. As his brother gave her a thorough tonsil exam, Mike sucked one nipple into his mouth, and gave a teasing nip, sending bolts of lust straight to her womb.

Mike could feel her wetness soak through his overalls to his thighs. What a juicy peach she was. He wanted to work her up until she was perfectly ripe and bursting with juice, so overwhelmed with lust that she would agree to anything they wanted to do to her.

Dalia’s day just keeps going from bad to worse. It’s her 35th birthday, but instead of celebrating she’s had to chase her boss for her late paycheck and on top of that, her junk heap of a car now needs a repair that will cost thousands of dollars. Short on time and money, Dalia will have to service the two young mechanics if she wants them to fix her motor. On second thought, maybe this birthday won’t be so bad after all!

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Book 3: Plowed By The Plumber’s Pipe

“Unh! Oh god, don’t stop! Don’t stop!” she pleaded. So loud were her cries that neither of them heard the garage door close and the snick of the kitchen door as her husband Daryl walked into the kitchen.

Tyler, whose head was buried against her shoulder didn’t notice that they now had an audience. Clarice’s eyes darted to the figure standing near the door. She held his gaze with eyes half lidded in pleasure as the plumber continued to pound into her with his pipe.

Her husband leaned against the door jamb, striking a casual pose as he loosened his tie and popped the buttons of his dress shirt.

“Ah yes! Right there, don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m coming!” she keened as she jerked and spasmed in pleasure and spurred the man plowing into her from behind to double his efforts.

“Mmmmm…” cooed Clarice as she glanced at her husband again and saw that he was idly stroking himself with light teasing touches, just savoring the show in his kitchen as the plumber rode his wife.

“Fuck her harder. She likes it when you make her sore,” he said.

Tyler’s head shot up as he finally noticed the man of the house standing in front of him, naked with one hand wrapped firmly around his erect cock. There was fear in Tyler’s eyes, but also raw naked lust. He gulped as Daryl walked over to their joined forms.

Tyler is a young plumber with a bad habit of banging bored housewives and being chased down by angry husbands. Clarice is a young newlywed who’s already bored with her white picked fence life in suburbia. A quick romp with the plumber in her kitchen may be just what the doctor ordered to save her stale marriage.

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Book 4: Plowed By The Gardeners In The Bush

Will finished his drink and studied their boss’s wife. His eyes scanned up her delicate sandal clad feet, up her trim never-ending legs, past her pleasantly perky breasts, and up to her delicate painted face. She gnawed her perfectly painted lips between her teeth while she nodded absently in response to Antonio’s story. Her eyes flicked from his mouth to his golden brown chest and back up again. Will knew women well and despite her prim exterior, he could tell that Annette was a bitch in heat.

Her face and chest flushed a pretty shade of pink, partly from the intense sun and partly from the attention of the two men at her sides. Their chit chat faded to silence and Annette decided it was time to make her move. She shifted her weight and reclined to enjoy the sunshine. As she leaned back, she spread her thighs slightly so that they brushed up against both of their legs and tilted her head back.

The two men shared a silent look that spoke volumes. They had a very attractive, very willing, very aroused woman displaying herself for their perusal. Though she held herself still, her breasts rose and fell rapidly, giving away her nervousness. She was visibly aroused, her hardened nipples poking against the thin fabric of her dress. And the smell… their mouths watered as the sweet, salty, tangy scent of her wet pussy drifted up past her parted thighs to their noses.

She let out a small sigh, and Will seized the opportunity. He leaned down over her prone body and covered her lips with his before she could object. Her eyes flew open in shock for a second before her eyelids drifted shut again and she melted into the caress of his talented tongue.

Annette let him plunder her mouth for a minute before Antonio’s rough hand on her bare knee brought her back to reality. With a gasp, she tore her lips away, “I–I can’t, I’m married,” she stuttered.

“So what? Your husband doesn’t know how to treat a woman like you the right way. I bet he’s never even made you come.” refuted Antonio into her ear. His hand never left her knee, he continued to stroke her petal soft skin with his calloused fingers. She was so tiny, he could almost grip her entire thigh. His cock twitched at the thought of boring into her tiny body with his large tool.

She shuddered and let out a quiet moan, he was right. Was her dissatisfaction with her husband’s sexual prowess that obvious? But still she shook her head and resisted, the risks were too great. “I can’t. I’m not a cheater.”

Annette Anderson had the picture perfect life.
A caring husband, a beautiful house, and now she and her husband were trying to conceive.

So why was she so unhappy?
Fortunately for Annette, her dark swarthy gardeners come to her rescue and make her fantasies come to life just for the afternoon. Too bad she’s at her most fertile when they take her unprotected over and over again…

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Urges: The Doctor’s Dirty Desires – BBW Fertility Alpha Male Boss Spanking Series

The series is completed!

Get the entire series in this box set and save over 55% off of buying each story separately.
You will get all four stories in this set:

  • The Doctor’s Dirty Desires
  • Probed By Doctor Desire
  • Filled By The Doctor Without Protection
  • Watching My Boss Take My Wife

Sarah Calvados doesn’t know what’s gotten into her husband lately. It seems like he isn’t able to function as the brilliant Dr. Calvados unless he’s had her several times a day.

He’s done everything in his power to bury himself between her legs. Quick, dirty, at work, and in public.

She may have been able to find some reprieve at work if only she didn’t work under him both at home and at the hospital!

Will Sarah be able to keep up the pace as a dutiful wife and satisfy her husband’s increasing needs?

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Bound By My Bloodsucking Billionaire Boss – Vampire Alpha Male BDSM Series

The series is completed!

Get all three stories in this box set and save over 55% off of buying each story separately.

You will get books 1-3 of this series in this set:

  • Reluctant Submission
  • Owned: Pain Into Pleasure
  • Chained In Submission

Dana DuBois wondered what was going on. In the three years she had worked at Swift and Co. she had never once met the mysterious Mr. William Swift, the playboy heir who only recently returned as CEO.

There’s something dark and sinister about William beneath his ice cold beauty that Dana will find out the hard way.

Will the 400 year old vampire billionaire William Swift open Dana’s eyes to the world or will he drag her down into the darkness with him?

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Strange Encounters – A Paranormal Office Love Story

The series is completed!

Get all three stories in this box set and save over 55% off of buying each story separately.
You will get all three stories in this set:

  • In Heat
  • Mating Urge
  • Double Trouble

“The problem, you see, was that she was in love with her partner.

Not one of her most brilliant ideas and certainly not one befitting of somebody who graduated at the top of her class. But it wasn’t like she had any choice in the matter.”

The stifling heat of a Louisiana summer brings 4 years of unresolved sexual tension to a boiling point for paranormal investigators, Carson and Alicia.

Unable to resist, Carson takes control and breaks through the unspoken barrier between them. Can tiny Alicia handle her partner’s dominating dark desires or will a moment of lust destroy their careers and friendship forever.

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