Dominated By The Billionaire Wolf – MMM Gay Alpha Male Werewolf Series

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  • Owned for the First Time
  • Shared for the First Time
  • Ravaged for the First Time

Naive and shy bookworm William is sent to live with his reclusive billionaire guardian, Jameson Richmond, after the tragic death of his parents. He quickly finds out that not everything at the Richmond estate is as it seems on the surface.

As the pack leader of the Sanguis Clan, Jameson is just the alpha to teach young innocent William the ways of the pack and the carnal pleasures of the flesh.

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Book 1: Owned For The First Time

William reached the end of his journey just outside Jameson’s library. The door was slightly ajar and he could see two male figures moving against each other in front of the dancing flames of the fireplace. It was the most shocking, the most shameful, the most arousing sight the young innocent man had ever laid eyes upon.

His breath caught in his throat and he dared not breathe as he silently watched Jameson mount Randolph, his right hand man. They were on their hands and knees in front of the fireplace, Randolph’s face was twisted in pleasure as Jameson pounded mercilessly into his ass. William stood, frozen in shock behind the door, as the two older men fucked each other. His pulse quickened and William silently warred with himself. Shouldn’t he turn away? Why couldn’t he stop watching them?

“You like that don’t you?”

“Ah! Yes!”

“I can tell you’ve been slobbering for my cock all day.”

“Please master!”

The young man blushed at the filthy taunts that spilled out of Jameson’s mouth in between each powerful thrust into the smaller man. Though he tried to resist, William couldn’t help but rub his hand against his own cloth covered erection as he listened to Randolph beg for more of his master’s cock. Jameson’s own lust filled grunts and groans harmonized with Randolph’s sweet keening moans.

William was incredibly confused, and more than that, incredibly turned on. He didn’t know if he wanted to be Randolph, with Jameson’s thick girth invading his insides or if he wanted to be Jameson, banging away into Randolph’s tight firm ass.

Naive and shy bookworm William is sent to live with his reclusive billionaire godfather after the tragic death of his parents. Just months after becoming an adult and inheriting a billion dollar empire, he quickly finds out that not everything at the Richmond estate is as it seems on the surface.

As the pack leader of the Sanguis Clan, his godfather, Jameson Richmond, is just the alpha wolf to teach young innocent William the ways of the pack and the carnal pleasures of the flesh.

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Book 2: Shared For The First Time

William opened the bedroom door and stopped short at the sight in front of him.

He felt like an intruder.

Great… Why was he always walking in on them?

He gasped in shock at the sight of Randolph, bent over in submissive posture while his arms were tied to Jameson’s bedpost with his belt. His hands clenched tightly in fists.

Randolph presented his ass up in the air. Various lash marks striped his pale flesh bright pink and William ached to cover the angry welts across his smooth skin with soothing kisses.

The heady salty scent of sex and sweat hung heavily in the air, tickling William’s nose like the delicious aroma of a welcome home meal. Jesus, if his human nose could pick up the scent, he wondered what it must smell like to Jameson and Randolph’s hyper-sensitive werewolf noses.

Despite his pain, Randolph sported a mighty erection and his throbbing cock was flushed an angry purple red in denied orgasm. William couldn’t tell if the bound male was shivering in pain or pleasure.

Sensing that he had stepped into a private moment between the Alpha and his Beta, William quietly took a step back and tried to make his way out the door.

“Stay, William. Take off your clothes and sit on the bed. You need to see this,” commanded Jameson as he doubled his belt.

With wide eyes, William’s gaze flicked between the thick black length of leather in the Alpha’s hands and Randolph’s bright red cheeks.

In his short time under Jameson Richmond’s guardianship, William had learned that the line between pain and pleasure was often thin and blurry. He didn’t mind, and in fact discovered that he liked submitting to Jameson’s demands. The freedom and calm he got in exchange for giving in was exhilarating. This however, was something completely different from the standard dominance and rough sex he enjoyed with the two werewolves.

He slowly stepped towards the bed, eyes glued on Randolph’s glowing red ass as he stripped off his clothing with fumbling fingers. Both scared and aroused, his own cock bobbed at half mast as he sat down on the bed. A quiet whoosh of air escaped past his lips as he finally dared to look up at the Alpha.

Young William adjusts to life at the Randolph estate and his role in the wolf clan. War with a rival clan is on the horizon and William still has much to learn about submission and obedience from the Alpha of the pack.

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Book 3: Ravaged For The First Time

William stopped several steps away from the side of the bed. He kept his head down as he slowly unfastened the buttons of his nightshirt. The thin fabric dropped to the ground and he stood still as he awaited his Alpha’s orders.

Clenching his hands into fists, William resisted the urge to fidget and cover himself as the elder werewolves rose from the bed and circled him.

He inhaled sharply and gasped as his Alpha touched his shoulder and ghosted his fingers over his nipples.

He let out a whimper and a low whine as the Jameson nipped his neck and whispered in his ear, “You can feel the bond in your blood, can’t you?”

“Yes – of course.”

The young male stuttered and shivered as Randolph pressed his hard body against his back.

Will young William learn to submit or will Jameson need to use an extra firm hand in teaching the young pup his new role in the pack?

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