Strange Encounters – A Paranormal Office Love Story

The series is completed!

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You will get all three stories in this set:

  • In Heat
  • Mating Urge
  • Double Trouble

“The problem, you see, was that she was in love with her partner.

Not one of her most brilliant ideas and certainly not one befitting of somebody who graduated at the top of her class. But it wasn’t like she had any choice in the matter.”

The stifling heat of a Louisiana summer brings 4 years of unresolved sexual tension to a boiling point for paranormal investigators, Carson and Alicia.

Unable to resist, Carson takes control and breaks through the unspoken barrier between them. Can tiny Alicia handle her partner’s dominating dark desires or will a moment of lust destroy their careers and friendship forever.

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Book 1: In Heat

“It had been a difficult day and she knew just the thing to take the edge off. Alicia closed her eyes and her mind began to wander. As usual, thoughts of Carson filled her mind. She already spent most of her time with her partner both at work and after work in her free time, but now even in her private moments he penetrated her thoughts.

She heard the whine of the pipes through the bathroom wall in between their rooms. A high-definition vision of Carson wet and naked in the shower materialized behind her eyelids. She pictured the glide of muscles under his skin as he washed his hair, water dripping down his forehead as rivulets of soap ran down his pecs along his ripped abs and towards his…

Her hand drifted down across her stomach and towards her center. Her fingers lightly swirled over the tiny patch of hair on her mons before descending towards her lower lips.”

Paranormal investigators Carson and Alicia work in the SCUT (Supernatural Crimes and Unexplained Terrors) unit at B&S Investigations chasing yetis, ghosts, and vampires while running away from their feelings for each other.

But then a case of spontaneous combustion calls them down to the deep south of Louisiana during the hottest months of summer. Will the unresolved sexual tension between the two investigators melt away or will it leave their personal and professional relationship in burned ruins?
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Book 2: Mating Urge

“The car swerved towards the center lane as he gawked at her. Carson jerked the steering wheel back and corrected their course. “Uh, not that I don’t appreciate your enthusiasm, but don’t you think we should get back to the motel first?” She was giving a free peep show to anybody that drove towards them.”

Carson and Alicia’s new romance may be over just as it’s begun as their boss catches them in flagrante delicto.

A mysterious wave of paralyzing lust has taken over the women of an entire town in Oregon. It’s up to our favorite investigators to stop the demons behind it all before they successfully breed. Will Carson be able to save the day when Alicia finds herself unable to fight against the demonic pheromones?
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Book 3: Double Trouble

“Past-Carson crawled back up over her body and leaned down to capture his future-self’s lips with his own. Pinned in between the two men, Alicia could do nothing but gape at the sight of Carson making out with himself.”

As if their regular SCUT cases are not weird enough, Carson and Alicia find themselves in a SCUT case themselves as a past-version of Carson shows up on night.

Alicia finds herself stuck in between a rock and a hard place as she has to handle both versions of her passionate partner at the same time.
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